Class descriptions

   Cost of $5 an Hour

Location: Pipers Lagoon Park

You will need to bring:

  • Mat
  • Towel/ blanket to lay on the ground (protects yoga mat)
  • Water
  • Dress in layers (it is often windy at the beach)
  • Blanket (optional but highly recommended)

Dress in Layers!!!!- There is always a breeze down at the waters edge. Dress accordingly!

Yoga for Everyone (1h) : This fun class will make your body move to the beat, sweat out your wiggles and calm your mind. Families are welcome to attend and those who are young at heart! You do not have to be flexible- no experience required. Individuals must be able to get up and off mat with ease for this class. (Location at pipers lagoon: At the end of the field next to parking lot)

Flow Yoga ( 30 min) : A flow yoga style class to challenge all fitness levels . All levels welcome but participants must be able to get up and off the mat easily.  Location: field next to parking lot

Core Class (30 mins) : Engage ALL your core muscles for your well being. Participants will work on  pelvic floor and core muscles in this yoga flavoured class.  Engage your bandhas and much more! Location: field next to parking lot

Hatha Yoga all levels (1h) : Ahaaa…. come relax as the sun begins to set on another beautiful summers nights at the beach. The highlight of my summer! All levels welcome. Location: field next to parking lot

Sun Rise Yoga (1h) : This class will help you meet the day with grace. Take a moment to pause and start the day right.  (location may vary with class size) meet near the Pipers Lagoon sign at the start of the park.

Meditaion Mornings (30 mins) : This meditation class will be on the beach. We are so lucky to live on the West Coast; why not soak in a moment in nature to sooth the soul. A variety of science based techniques will be shared.

Teen Yoga (1h) : This course will focus on keeping a health balanced body for maximum physical and emotional health. Modern, uptempo music will be played for a fun and fast moving class that will appeal to teens. Dominique Sullivan is certified teacher-librarian in a K-7 school  and has been reading with students,  teaching yoga, mindfulness, and self compassion for many year in Sd 68.

Hips and Back yoga: (1h) Hips and back is the number one requested stretch from my yoga clients…. so why not have a full class dedicated to the reduction of aches and pains.

Healing Yoga : (1h) This class will focus on mindfulness when dealing with difficult emotions. In this class we will discuss the difference between suffering and pain,  how to ‘letting go’ and venture on a in a quest to quite the mind. The foundational text for this class will be: The mindful path to self compassion by Dr. Christopher Germer.





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