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Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
New Teen intensive class will Start January 5th. This 4 week class will be offered twice a week (Wed and Saturdays)

This session will be offered through the center of Mindful Self compassion. My co- teacher will be Dr Karen Bluth from the University of Chapel Hill in North Carolina.

This class will be truly international as registration will open through the center.

Link to registration will open soon. I hope to see you online!
More info to come! Stay tuned.
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
Remember - you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself - the world needs your strength and light.
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
Lovingkindness Meditation Phrases for Times of Pain (Emotional or Physical)

May I accept this pain without thinking it makes me bad or wrong.
May I remember that my consciousness is much vaster than this body.
May all those who have helped me be safe, be happy, be peaceful.
May all beings everywhere be safe, be happy, be peaceful.
May my love for myself and others flow without limit.
May the power of lovingkindness support me.
May I be open to the unknown, like a bird flying free.
May I accept my anger, fear, and worry, knowing that my heart is not limited by them.
May I be free of danger, may I be peaceful.
May I be free from anger, fear, and regret.
May I live and die in ease.
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
1st day of work. Do you know the story of Sisyphus? In Greek mythology, Zeus punished Sisyphus by giving him a boulder that he had to push uphill for all eternity. Sisyphus would roll this boulder to the top of the hill, and the boulder would roll back down. He had to do this over and over. This is the story of futility - of pushing against things that just feel difficult. Can you imagine letting go of the Boulder?

At work take a breath - note the boulder you are rolling up hill. ( I note these moments as “Sisyphus “ ) and I try not to wrapped up in the stress/ drama.

Not my boulder!!! - let it go!!!

Breathe. Relax the tension in the body ( work your vagus nerve)

I displayed my gift with pride today at work. Thank you Bre Stuart for my rock.

sisyphus is an asshole.
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
I moved to Protection Island with my family this summer. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to deal with the judgements of others. I am so happy we moved.

I have never felt this relaxed in my life! My kids are thriving and Jer is joining the fire service. Even the cat is happier.

I told a few friends that I ran into this summer- some reactions were negative.

I realized not everyone can be happy for you. - but do it anyway. Follow your heart.

The highest order of joy in Buddhism is called : Mudita
Mudita is defined as - being spontaneously joyous for someone else without judgement/ jealousy or resentment.

I decided to post my move to Protection Island on Facebook and to answer the question I get all at once. Get it over with.

I had so many lovely messages. Lots of people understand our move - these are my people. They showered me with Mudita. Pure joy. - thank you.

Moral of the story:
Follow your heart- don’t worry about the judgement. Notice the people in your life who give you Mudita and are happy for you.

There will always be people who don’t understand your decision. - don’t let the voice of doubt creep in your heart.

Enjoy your life!

Below is the post I did explaining my move to the Island.

We moved to Protection Island this summer. We plan on living here full-time and renting out our Nanaimo house. We have fallen in love with the lifestyle and community on Protection.

When I tell people I moved to Protection island a flurry of questions arise. This is the Q&A section of this post.

What are you going to do about work?
A: same job. The commute takes 25 mins. I drive the golf cart, take the ferry, pick up my car and drive to work. Easy. I love being on the water everyday. The ferry is only 10 min.

What about your kids?
A: they are the ones asking for the move. Oliver and Zoe love it. They ride their bikes almost everyday, have karate lessons, and freedom. It feels like a 1950’s childhood.

What about the winter?
A: the rain on Protection Island is the same rain as in Nanaimo. My uncle once said- there is no bad weather - only bad gear. We plan on treating ourselves high quality rain gear.

I am excited about winter. I plan on reading by the fire, being in nature and cups of tea.

We had such a great summer- we are looking forward to our year of adventure!

Happy family.