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Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
Community/ belonging : staying on Protection island continues to surprise me. Jer forgot the milk in the golf cart parking circle lot. He was a hockey and someone told him about his milk. By the time he got to the circle - milk gone. A kind soul posted on the the island Facebook page and put it in the fridge. - my mind is blow - what a community of people!

Feeling part of a tribe is part of human nature.

“Humans need a tribe like bees need a hive” - Johann Hari

Who is in your tribe? Reach out and try to see them. You will feel better.

Being in the presence of people we love is good for you! Make time and space for social interaction!
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
“Mother nature plays a symphony for those who listen”- William Shakespeare
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
Raccoon philosophy- I have been battling raccoons all spring on Protection Island over the compost. In the first week the lid was off- fixed it with a bungee cord. Then you found a raccoon IN the compost. - I then double bungees in an X shape the lid. That didn’t work the raccoons just slid up the bottom as seen in picture below. Jerks.

This began the ground battle. I now have 3 bungees ( 2 on the lid- one blocking the bottom slider) - that didn’t work.
The raccoons started digging under the dam compost. - I built a rock wall around the base.

Did you know raccoons can move rocks?

I then tried hot sauce in the compost… nope. they liked the flavour.

Apple cider vinegar - that didn’t stop them either.

Then I saw a rat - compost fucking over!

Buffet is closed.

I now bring my organics to the community garden where the bins are animal proof.

Raccoon philosophy:
Sometimes the struggle is not worth it. We keep these ideas of what life “should” be like. Let go of expectations and a solution will appear.

If life feels like you are swimming up river… let go… the universe will take you to where you need to be.

I trust the unfolding of my life!

Bumpy roads leads to smooth people!

Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
I did something normal - taught a yoga class. It felt so good but I was nervous. Opening back up is going to take some adjusting. Be kind to yourself. Don’t over schedule your summer.

Be conscious of what items you add back into your life. Only do things you love.
Let go of a return to normal. Instead - build a life that works for you in this moment.

Be gentle and kind to yourself. And don’t forget to breath!! You got this.