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Mindfulness teaches us to turn towards our difficulty and self compassion helps us bring kind attention.
When you are surfing 🏄 the best way to deal with a big wave is to dive into it.
The same is true when we face difficult emotions.
Mindful self compassion strategies are life skills that allow you to respond wisely to situations.
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
Brain science: why compassion meditation changes the brain. - When I started this practice I felt the effect immediately. I knew this style of practice was for me! I felt like coming home to myself.

The world meditation is like the word sports..... there are so many different tradition and styles. The science shows loving kindness, (metta) to be most effective style for anxiety and depression.

Teens tell me how much they like meditation and how well they sleep after class. With guidance, meditation can be a powerful force for change in one’s life!
Zen Librarian
Your Brain Is Hardwired for Love—Meditation Helps You Fully Express It | Daniel Goleman
Meditation is a lot more than just chilling out and reflecting. It can actually rewire your brain to become a better person. Read more at http:...
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
Anxiety resources - here are my top 3 free resources for teens and tweens. I hope they help!
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
Do you make time to play?
I am enjoying the sun in Palm Springs and my goal on this trip is to play. Play has been proven to boost creativity and happiness. How do you play?

My list of fun:
More reading ( this is play for me)
Tennis / pickle ball
Riding bikes
Art- tinker projects around the house (not renos)
Goofy behaviour with my kids
Fart jokes are always funny!

I know I am out of balance when I get too serious and I laugh less often. As adults, many of us loose our ability to play.... We need to practice the art of play!
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
MindShift app by Anxiety Canada is an incredible resource. I would highly recommend checking out this free app!

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know about MindShift CBT -- a completely free, scientifically-based mobile app designed to help people of all ages cope with and work through mild to moderate anxiety. MindShift CBT is available for both Android and iOS.

To download MindShift CBT and find out more, check out the MindShift CBT page on the Anxiety Canada website:

Here’s a quick overview: you’ll be able to access guided meditations and visualizations, get quick relief, track anxiety over time, work through CBT activities, set goals, and easily export data to facilitate communication with a psychologist, counsellor, or therapist. You’ll learn to relax, develop more effective ways of thinking, and take active steps to take charge of your anxiety.
Zen Librarian
Zen Librarian
Done creating all the meditations for the Making Friends With Yourself course. Whoo hoo. The production of these videos took time but my clients ask for me to record my voice. They wanted more practice a home from the course. Self compassion has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression by 32% and boost academics by 11%.

Meditations are available for Free on my YouTube channel.

Meditation is not easy and a qualified meditation teacher can be a huge benefit on your journey.

I love helping teens learn life long skills.

Can you image if you learned stress management and science based resiliency skills in your teens????

Ages 9-12 spring break weekend camp.

11-20 teens 8 week course starting April 3rd.
Zen Librarian