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My name is Dominique Sullivan and I live in beautiful Nanaimo, B.C. Canada. I have been a yoga teacher since 2003 and love to support my community in their own wellness. I have been a teacher-librarian since January 2012 and have my masters in Teacher-Librarianship from the University of Alberta. I have two beautiful children and a supportive husband who inspire me to stay on my path.

In my early twenties I struggled with stress and anxiety and turned to yoga for mental health. It saved me and gave me my life back. I feel called to teach and  wish to create a safe place for individuals to find peace and courage.

Children and adults suffer from life’s ups and downs and we need strategies on how to manage with grace and resilience.


  • Business degree from Bishops University (B.B.A)
  • Education degree from Vancouver Island University (B.Ed)
  • Masters in Teacher-Librarianship from the University of Alberta (M.Ed).
  • BCRPA certified Yoga specialist
  • BCPRA Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.
  • MFY certified teacher
  • Attended Dalai lama Conference 2018: Uses Heart-Mind Lessons Plans
  • Present At Professional Development: Children Social Emotional Learning and Self Regulation, Helping the Dyslexic Brain

Please contact us if you would like a presentation or  want more information.

Dominique was featured in a recent podcast


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